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Spring Cleaning - Your online accounts need it too


Spring has sprung and on Martha’s Vineyard that means many Island businesses are dusting off their doors and reopening for the season. Just like those spring cleaning projects you tackle for your business in-store it’s equally as important to get your online presence cleaned up too.

Here’s a helpful checklist to make sure your business is being accurately represented online, and that those prospective clients and customers researching you online are being delivered reliable results.


The first step in our Spring Social Media Checklist is to search for your business on Google and see what pops up on the first page of your results.

Ask yourself: Is it representative of your business? Does your website pop up first? Is it even on the first page? What articles associated with your business come up? Have you claimed your business listing? Make sure to do so, so you can edit your profile, ensuring your hours, phone number and location are up to date.

Under your Google Business listing, on the right hand of the Google search, click on Google reviews and see where you stand. Reply to outstanding reviews before the season begins, good or bad. If someone had a lackluster experience with your business offer them the opportunity to return with a free gift or discount to help show your appreciation.

*A note about review sites: Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google Reviews are the top places where people are reviewing your business, so dedicating some time to updating and making sure the information is correct, is a must. Be sure to claim your business on all of these sites and reply to all reviews, both positive and negative.

Your Website

Similar to your Google listing your website is likely one of the first pages that pops up (hopefully) when someone Googles your business. It’s important to have a clean, simple website that is mobile friendly (remember that at least half of the users looking at your site will be doing so from their phone so make sure your website is responsive). Double check all of your contact information and make sure your phone number is clickable and your email address is obvious. Confirm that your hours are accurate as well as your services and menu items. Also be sure to link your social media accounts to your website to help maximize your followers.


  • Log into your Facebook account and go to settings. Click page roles and check who has control of your page. Delete any old employees no longer with you.

  • Update hours of service if there is any change.

  • Update cover and profile photo to make it current, and seasonal.

  • Reply to outstanding reviews and comments.

  • Check messages and reply to any outstanding inquiries.

  • Review your page insights for information on what works best on your page.

  • Create a Facebook post telling people when you reopen for the season (try using Canva to create well designed images for your accounts, which offers a simple drag-and-drop feature and provides templates for easy design).

  • Invite people to like your business page, encourage your friends and employees to do the same.


  • Confirm that your Instagram account is set up as a business account. (You can only have a business account if there is a business Facebook page associated to your business.)

  • Update any necessary contact information: address, phone number, email

  • Refresh your biography

  • Review insights - who is your audience? What works best?

  • Create Instagram post telling people when you reopen for the season using Canva.

  • Consider creating stories, highlights and going live this season for additional engagement and sharing behind-the-scenes content.


  • Update any contact information: address, phone number, email

  • Update cover and profile photos, make sure there’s a link to your site in the bio.

With all of the above social media accounts we recommend you taking the time to follow and engage with other Island businesses as well. Sharing the love on social media is a nice way to support your friends and neighbors, and we all know when we accomplish more when we work together.

Angela Prout